Be part of the Drive to Boost Education

Every year the Rotary Club of Calgary South "Stay In School" program selects 4 grade 6 students from economically challenged families to the program. We continue to mentor and provide financial aid for them until they achieve their dream of a post secondary education.  


Many Calgary students who have the ability to attend a post-secondary school will not get an opportunity to do so because of limited family financial resources. The Rotary Club of Calgary South "Stay-In-School" Scholarship Foundation has been enacted to provide financial assistance and mentorship to selected students.

The program has 3 key objectives:

  • Support and motivate students who may not have the financial resources to attend a post-secondary educational institution;

  • Encourage students and their parents to investigate opportunities available to them after high school;

  • Introduce the work of Rotary to educators, students, parents and to encourage the development of similar programs by other groups.


Student selection is based on two main factors:


  • Students must have the academic ability to graduate from high school and meet post-secondary requirements throughout the program.

  • Students must come from a family that clearly does not have the financial means to pay for a post-secondary education.

To date 62 Students have participated in the program and 13 have graduated. 16 students are currently enrolled in post-secondary studies.


Mentoring plays an important role in the success of the "Stay-In-School" Program. Each student is connected with a mentor in grade seven and this relationship continues through the entire educational process through graduation from a post secondary institution.

The mentor's purpose is to:

  • Monitor the scholastic progress of the student by reviewing copies of report cards and attendance records;

  • Offer assistance and guidance in the event of difficulties;

  • Encourage the student to maintain a satisfactory level of achievement;

  • Inspire the student to set and maintain a standard of excellence in all of their interactions with family and community.


The Rotary Club of Calgary South has set a goal of $4,500,000 that will sustain students throughout their post-secondary studies.

The "Stay in School" scholarship program offers significant financial support in the amount of $7,500 per student per year, to a maximum total of $30,000 over 4 years.

Richardson GMP of Calgary provided significant support to help launch the program and the Rotary Club of Calgary South contributes annually to the fund primarily through the annual golf tournament.