Our "Stay-In-School" program is filled with amazing young people.

With the help of their program mentors from the Rotary Club of Calgary at Stampede Park these future leaders and their families are living their dreams.


Some inspiring comments from our future leaders.


Mount Royal University Class of 2018

“I am immensely grateful for the Stay-in School Scholarship. It has given me the motivation and financial support to attend and achieve success in my  post-secondary studies”

“My mentor, David, has been nothing but supportive and has always managed to  guide me in the right direction. The mentorship program has been an integral 

part of my success."


Mount Royal University Class of 2018

“I would like to thank  the Rotary Club of Calgary South for this amazing experience and the gift they have given me, the gift of knowledge. Without the Rotary Club I don’t know where I would  be today.”

“I’d like to thank my mentor Bill for always 

being there the past 11 years and guiding me

throughout  middle school, high school 

and university”. 


Mount Royal University Class of 2018

“I feel very blessed to have been part of the Rotary Club of Calgary at Stampede Park "Stay-inSchool" Scholarship Program. I have been given so many opportunities throughout my four years in this program and have grown immensely as a person."

I am so lucky to have had Rick & Donna as my mentors. they have gone above and beyond in their roles and supported me and pushed me to aim for the stars. I am forever grateful  for them  and the 

Rotary Club of Calgary at Stampede Park."


University of Calgary Class of 2012

Kaylee is Licensed Psychologist. Here are her thoughts on the SIS Program – “I will forever be grateful to the "Stay in School" Scholarship Program for enabling me to identify and follow my passions. I was given the opportunity to obtain an education in an area that I value deeply which has allowed me to live both authentically and meaningfully. My work now as a Licensed Psychologist  is something that was

truly made possible by the opportunities facilitated by the program , my mentors and all the community support.”


University of Calgary Class of 2019

“As I enter the final year of my Finance degree at the University of Calgary this fall, which will include  a voyage around the world as part of the Semester at Sea program, - I will have interned in sales and trading, wealth management , business development, investment banking, private equity , at a tech start up and at a hedge fund in China.- I continue to get lucky.  The Stay in School program has given me the confidence to always aim high, a positive ‘can-do’ attitude and a sense of purpose to ensure that others are as fortunate as I have been. I cannot overstate my gratitude."


University of Calgary Class of 2020

“Shantal is currently a student at U of C. in the Bachelor of Science

Program with a major in Chemistry.  Her mother writes - "Shantal has gained so much confidence and a huge sense of pride from the experience. We can not thank the Rotary Club of Calgary at Stampede Park enough!”


for our most recent scholarship program participants.

Anjali :  Mentor:  Kevin Hayes: Anjali has attended Falconridge School where she has consistently demonstrated strong academic success. Her teachers note that she is committed to service within the school community and is model for others to emulate. She is a safety patrol lieutenant who carries out her duties with authority and dignity and will step in for other patrollers who are absent. She has a reputation as a mature and responsible young lady and is often asked by teachers to take on positions of responsibility.

Anjali intends to attend university but wishes to explore her career options, however it appears clear that with her focus and determination she will have great success in any field or career area. Next year Anjali will attend Annie Gale Junior High School

Caylee : Mentors: Kevin and Denise MacLeod: Caylee attends Sherwood School and is achieving honours in both Grades 5 and 6.  Her teachers have commented on her positive attitude in school work and her willingness to help others who are having difficulties. They note that she is a confident and articulate speaker whose presentations in class are interesting and engaging.  Caylee participates in a variety of activities at school including soccer, swimming, choir and band. Outside of the school she is involved with girl guides, where she is the leader of her patrol unit. Her guide leader notes that she has a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards learning and skill building and has the ability to achieve all the goals that she sets for herself.

Caylee would like to be a teacher or an architect specializing in interior design. She clearly has the talent to achieve any of these goals. Caylee will attend Sherwood School next year in Grade 7.


Lucas : Mentor –Biba Tharp: Lucas attends Sherwood Community School.  His teachers comment that he is an intelligent and responsible student, with insightful ideas which he shares with others.  He often helps others in his class who are having difficulty and assumes leadership roles in the class during group work. He possesses a strong sense of right and wrong and is not afraid to speak up against injustice. Lucas is active in school activities, sports and band as well as cooking classes.  He has won citizenship awards and is a leader in his youth group at church.


Lucas plans to pursue a career in culinary arts, where he has already already experienced taking cooking lessons with the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen program for young people. His ultimate goal is to open his own restaurant. Lucas will continue his education at Sherwood  School next year in Grade 7.

Yuvraj :  Mentors:  Jason and Brandie Kruse:  Yuvraj has been very successful in his studies at Falconridge School, achieving top grades in all subjects.  His teachers speak glowingly of his ability to take responsibility and to strive constantly to be the best that he can be in everything he does. He is also an exceptional school citizen, having earned early promotion to the position of lieutenant in the safety patrol. His positive disposition and friendly demeanor make him a positive role model in the school. Yuvraj has been involved in the YMCA leadership program as well as the PSA soccer league where he helped his team win the bronze medal  in 2012.  He plans on attending the University of Calgary, enrolling in a Zoology or Arts Program. Next year Yuvraj will attend Grade 7 at Terry Fox Jr. High School.